About Us

Meet the Management Team

Dan McNamara – Administrator
I am the Administrator here at Sungarden Terrace! Our fantastic team here at Sungarden Terrace works hard to keep our community on the top of the list of best assisted livings in San Diego. I enjoy spending time with the residents to create long lasting relationships. Sungarden Terrace is just like home for me and I enjoy coming in during the holidays to visit the residents because they are just like family.

Tony Radoc – Culinary Director
I am the Chef and Culinary Director for Sungarden Terrace. My job is to coordinate the kitchen, dining staff and to design the menus for our residents. I love my work because I feel that the management care about myself and my family. Most of all I love working with my teams and I love all our residents. They make my day complete when at the end of the day they gave me their sweet smiles. Then I know that they appreciate what I do on a daily basis.

Tamara Tompkins – Activities Director
My passion is to create and develop activities for both our Assisted Living and Memory Care residents. One thing I love about working here at Sungarden is that everyone does their best to work with each other. I work to create an environment for the residents to be or feel Happy, Loved, Accepted, Engaged, To promote Independence, Fun, Learning, etc…

Tammy Pich – Director of Marketing & Admissions

My role at Sungarden Terrace is to help spread awareness about our amazing community! I also take care of all the admissions of new residents. Sungarden Terrace is truly my favorite community in all of San Diego County. Our great team works together to create a welcoming environment and great care for our residents. I love working here because I feel like the residents and staff are like family.