How to Store Organic Products?

November 30, 2022 Off By Clara

Organic products have a reduced shelf life, especially when they come into contact with elements such as light, humidity or high temperatures. To address these problems, companies use containers such as dropper bottles made of violet glass. Researchers discovered that violet glass acts as a protective shield that prevents visible light from damaging organic products. It also helps maintain the molecular structure of these products, resulting in a longer shelf life. Manufacturers offer cosmetic jars wholesale for those companies that wish to purchase jars in large quantities and at lower prices. In addition, the manufacturer offers professional advice to start-up companies on how to choose the right containers for their products, reducing the likelihood of mistakes and unnecessary waste of money.

What is known about crystal violet?

In the 1980s and 1990s, amber-colored glass packaging was very popular. Back then, companies thought that amber was an excellent shield for their products. Once researchers analyzed the effects of violet glass on organic produce, they discovered that the ultraviolet light was able to keep the produce fresh for much longer. The experiment was done with two cherry tomatoes. One was placed in a transparent container and the other in a violet glass container. After a few months, the cherry tomato in the clear container was covered with fungus while the one in the violet glass container looked like the first day. This opened the door to 100% natural products that did not require preservatives to prolong their shelf life. People who are allergic to preservatives can enjoy products that years ago were impossible to produce without these chemicals.

Smells and tastes like on the first day

Have you ever noticed that coffee loses flavor and smell the longer it is out of the bag? The ideal would be to be able to grind the coffee before using it, but not everyone owns a coffee grinder. The violet glass is a more economical and equally effective solution. Coffee, tea, spices, nuts, cereals, etc., are just some organic products that will stay fresh when stored in violet glass jars. Many people have these containers in their kitchens and use them to store these products instead of using the original box they come in. If you have doubts about how it works, on the Internet you can find many tutorials that explain how to store organic products in purple glass containers and label them correctly. Are you ready to enjoy a good coffee or tea as if it were freshly opened?